Friday, December 31, 2010

The Art I Know

Let each man exercise the art he knows.” Aristophanes 422 BC

What Art Do I Know?

I know I love teaching and have taught elementary students since 1971,

I know I love traveling and have visited every continent except Antarctica,

I know I love reading and am always reading a fiction and a nonfiction book,

I know I love history and study time lines for fun,

I know I treasure old things because I dig up my great-grandmother's bulbs each year,

I know I am curious and try to learn something new every day,

I know I felt I was at home when I first walked into the Carlos Museum,

I know that the every day, the all around us, the daily life is the art I know.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Now I'm retired I can choose my experiences...start each day deciding what to do and what to leave undone for another day. The only drawback is that there are fewer and fewer other days. I plan to fill the rest, not with rest but with, people I love, beautiful things, books, food and to learn something new each day. I'll begin tomorrow....