Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yipee Ky Yeah!

Bob is sixty-five years old and still beautiful!  We celebrated his birthday - his pick -at Dixie Dude Ranch, Texas.  So Jody, Beth, Loran and I joined Bob to become cowboys.

 Remember never call a man a cowboy until you see him ride!  Let's see you could be called cowboy?  Do you see me?  I'm taking the pictures - ha - while on a horse.

Loran liked to get up early and help brush the horses.

Her horse's name was Blaze.

They served great family style food and even made me special gluten free meals!

Bob smiled the whole time he was there.

They had entertainment like hay rides, singing cowboys, bar-b-ques, camp fires and rope tricks that included Loren in the show.

The Dixie Dude Ranch is one of the oldest dude ranches and is rustic and a real cowboy experience.

outside our room

We hiked around the ranch.

We played games at the ranch while we were waiting for the next horse back riding trip.

And now you can call Bob-bob a Cowboy!