Monday, May 23, 2011

White Booth at Rockin' B

We've started a new booth at Rockin' B that will be strictly thematic.  White, cream, silver, glass + theme color.  It's so much fun working together and sharing ideas. 

We ( Martie, Denise, Nicole, Cynthia, Cathy and Georgia) are featuring painted vintage furniture that invites you to come sit, relax and be soothed by the calm environment.  Learning the painting techniques has been the MOST challenging part of having an antique booth.

Select any vignette and see how the work will for you. It's amazing how old lace, silver and crystal will always looks elegant. Silver trays that are such a BARGAIN right now really work as a feature base to capture a collection and draw the eye.  And did you know that cleaning silver is men's work????  Yes, this is a little known fact.  It's just like mowing the grass and trimming your beautiful Rhododendrons to the ground.

 A white mantel, a toile screen, French figurines; European sophistication that was so effortless even we  were amazed how this look just came together.
 Romantic things that express what you love always look good together.  Ever woman needs her own retreat.  Let's make a small space in our homes for ourselves and let's NOT make it the kitchen!
This style decor can be used to brighten up any room in your house from that tired guest room to the underused formal living room.  I'm having a hard time not buying everything myself and as we put it together we kept selling the look.  This is a booth that is going to take a lot of fluffing.  And that sounds like FUN!!!